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A girl who, due to legs, hips, and butt, looks hot from the back; however from the front, although not fugly, does not quite compare with her image from the back.
E: Dude, that girl is so attractive I can't believe it!

K: Man sorry to tell you, I actually saw her face yesterday... asstractive

E: Bummer!

K: She sure is...
by Ev. I September 25, 2008
When a troll continues arguing in a flame war thread that is long dead as both sides have made all of their points and have stopped caring.

Offenders are typically crying for attention, with have low self esteem and attention deficit problems.

Similar to the traditional "flogging a dead horse".
Pseudo-intellectual 1: Well I don't want to say too much on the topic, but: ... (5 paragraphs of opinionated rant).

Pseudo-intellectual 2: I support this, and would like to further add: ... (3 paragraphs of rhetorical questions and half-baked psycho-analysis).

<Thread Dies>

<2 weeks later>

Ring-in: This isn't really my argument but in my opinion both sides are wrong. I don't want to say a lot but... (10 paragraphs of literary quotes, topical allusions and first year philosophy diploma name dropping).

Observer: Doesn't this ring-in know that he's blogging a dead horse?
by Ev. I December 01, 2009

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