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2 definitions by Eustace Punter

Scottish/north English abbreviation for gold sovereign rings; shiny coins mounted on (typically around 9 carat) bands, and worn in large quantities by schemies, neds, and bams.

Could be considered synonymous with bling, but cheaper.
Mind ma sovies? Fuckin decked this bam wi em the night.
by Eustace Punter April 25, 2007
One who espouses the policies of British (ex)-Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blairites are typified by being vaccuous, image-obsessed, and indulging in spin. Ideologically and economically Blairites are right-wing with authoritarian tendencies, though they claim to be 'centre-right'.
This Third Way thing, its all style over substance, its a load of Blairite bullshit.
by Eustace Punter April 26, 2007