2 definitions by Euryale

The space between the bottom of a short shirt and the top of low rise jeans.

Named after a super hot girl who had a habit of wearing clothes like this.
"wow, i've got some serious Meredith Gap going on today!"

"Yeah, you do. That's hot."
by Euryale December 18, 2004
An indeterminate noun referring to a female (usually young) whom the speaker does not know very well.

This term would not be used in reference to anyone that the speaker is presumed to have more than a passing aquaintance with.
"Did you get the notes from the class you missed?"
"Yeah, this one chippie from the other section lent me hers."

"who's that in the picture with him?"
"Some chippie he knew back in the day."

"So, I was sitting there, minding my own business, when this chippie comes in and starts causing all kinds of trouble..."
by Euryale January 08, 2006

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