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A breed of italian men that are so charming and good looking that women fall in love with them immediately. As soon as a woman sees a cassinis they will do what ever they have to do to have sexual intercourse with him. A cassinis is usually into kinky/dirty sex and enjoys skiing.
Man: that fucking cassinis stole my girl last night. I hate those damn cassinis guys, they always take home all the hot girls. i bet a cassinis always does ass to mouth, lucky bastard...

Girl: i found a cassinis last night. my friend and i brought him back to our place and let him do ass to mouth to both of us while my boyfriend watched and cried in the corner.
by euro trash April 24, 2008
slang for a penis also known as a "love stump"
"Im about to blow this chick out with my beef bazooka"
by Euro Trash January 06, 2014
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