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What we guys do to girls: 1in an emergency, 2to teach a lesson,3 to make her cry 4 for fun Ha Ha
Instead of flipping her the bird, he gave her a sharp kick in the vagina.

Are you going to shut your mouth or must I kick you so hard in the vagina that you'll get your period a month early?

Did you hear how high her voice was after he gave her that kick in the vagina?
Girls eyes always look so funny after a good surprise kick in the vagina...Ha Ha
by Eura Phagg December 15, 2006
A hot hot girl or woman
Marissa is such a Hot Chick. I want to do her.
by eura phagg December 27, 2006
One who drives a butt train
the rectum conductor shouted "next stop Sphincter!"
by Eura Phagg November 11, 2006
What a girl sez when someone whacks her in her right boobie
Marissa (groaning in pain on all 4's) OW! MY RIGHT BOOBIE!
by Eura Phagg November 11, 2006
A cowboy who rides the ranges of other men's anuses on a condom.
Donald Trump is such an Anus Cowboy.
by Eura Phagg November 26, 2006
One who raids and plunders one's rectum/colon/anus.
Alex is a Butt Pirate.
by Eura Phagg November 18, 2006
One who steals asses.
the anus thief stole my rectum and spnincter!
by Eura Phagg November 26, 2006

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