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An actually preppy store, rather than an inaccurate emulation of the preppy lifestyle (i.e. A&F, AE, HCo). Has really cute clothes: preppy essentials such as bright polos, madras shorts, flip flops, oxfords, chinos and sportscoats for men and sundresses, headbands, and ribbon belts for women. The clothes aren't inexpensive, yet are of very good quality.
A&F shopper: this torn denim mini is like soooo PREP!
J.Crew customer (to friend): Honestly, the misconception these nouveau-riche kids have of our lifestyle is ridiculous. Let's go get some shopping done, though: the cable-knit cardigan I saw in J. Crew last week will go well with my pearl necklace and bright headband.
by Eugenee July 05, 2006
Hennes und Mauritz. A Swedish brand now operating in countries worldwide. There are at least a dozen in NYC itself. Trendy clothes at very reasonable prices. Especially good are the women's clothes (it used to sell only those; Hennes means 'women' in Swedish). Overall, great store if you want fashion at a bargain.
There's an H&M on every corner in NYC, but I don't mind; the clothes are cute.
by Eugenee August 30, 2006
First founded in 1992, Anthropologie is designed to follow customers of its parent company, Urban Outfitters, into the next stage of their life. This new concept aims to appeal to 30- to 40-something affluent professional women with total family annual income above $200,000. The clothes still retain the somewhat "hipster" vibe of Urban Outfitters, but are more sophisticated and of a higher quality, and therefore visibly more expensive.
*Hip New York family shopping*

Girl: Oooh, let's go to Urban Outfitters! They have this great new A-line tunic top that'll go really well with the skinny jeans I got there last week.

Mom: Ooh, I used to love wearing that kind of stuff. I know! After, we'll go to Anthropologie to pick me up some similar, more age-appropriate clothing.
by Eugenee November 23, 2006
A brand that has ok clothes but AWESOME shoes. They are comfy and light and great whether you're playing sports or just walking down the street.
My Pumas cost me $70, but they were well worth it.
by Eugenee August 27, 2005
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