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A sticky sally is a bitch-move to pull on someone. It involves sticking one's hands into something sticky, such as a jar of honey or jam, then proceeding to grab some guy on his bare ballsack (recommended to do at the beach). This way his pubes will hurt cause they will be tangled and sitting down in jeans could be a problem for his balls (due to all the stickyness and tangled-ness).
Example of a Sticky Sally:

Cram your hand as deep as it can go into a jar of honey, run up to some dude on the beach (preferably a 6"4 buff bodybuilder) and pull down his bathing suit fast. Grab his dick and balls hard and allow the honey to stick and spread. Quickly kick him once so he is stunned while you run your ass off.

Catch the nearest flight to Russia.
by Eugene Wattson July 21, 2009
A misspelled way of typing "ROFL" (Rolling On Floor Laughing), seen typed by a select few in online games and the occasional chat room.
Paul: I've been fapping to interesting things lately.
John: Interesting?
Paul: Like stuff to do with horses and sheeps.
John: RIFK
by Eugene Wattson July 19, 2009

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