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4 definitions by Euan Connelly

1) The Spanish Word For "Tommorrow"

2) A Word That One Can Shout When Something Glorious In Your Favour Happens. Derived From Expert Poet, H.P Baxxter.
1) See You Mañana?

2) "Aw! Spuggy's Having A Party This Weekend!! Mañanaaaaaaa!!"
by Euan Connelly January 26, 2009
1. Any Form Of Illegal Or Inebriating Substance That Enhances The Mind Into A State Of Inebriation

2. To Call Someone A Sweedjay Lawd, Or A Swadjer Is Naming Them As The Supplier Of This Illegal Substance
1. "You Buyin Any Sweedjay Tonight?"

2. "What's Happening Sweedjay Lawd?"
by Euan Connelly March 13, 2008
1- A Person That You Know Who Supplys You With Illegal Substance Of Any form.

2- Someone Who Takes Illegal Substances Alongside With You, Normally A Close Friend.
1- "D'you Know Any Swadjer That Can Get Me Anything?"

2- Friend- "Hiya"

Friend2- "What's Happening Swadjer?"
by Euan Connelly May 29, 2008
1- If One Is A Par, Then One Is Known As An Unclean Scumbag. A Par Is Seen As The Underclass and Having No Sense Of Hygene Or Personality.
Tam- "Wee Jimmy Was At The Dunfermline Game At The Weekend"

Kev- "Aye, He's A Right Wee Par"
by Euan Connelly February 28, 2009