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Character on TV show Supernatural, played by Jensen Ackles. Good looking, funny, and sexy. Older brother of Sam Winchester.
sensible person: Dean Winchester is SEX!

teenage girl: Sam is hot too.

sensible person: shut up!
by Etta Love September 12, 2006
Tragic terrorist attack on london that took place on the 7th of July, often mistakenly referred to as the "worst attack on london since WWII" by those who don't remember the IRA.
Are we seriously calling it 7/7 now?
by Etta Love September 12, 2006
Country in the United Kingdom with a top-class education system. Famous for it's rich history, deep fried mars bar high levels of accepted racism not found in more sourtherly places in the UK
English kid: I couldn't get into the university of Edinburgh, Damn, Scotland and their high standard of education!
by Etta Love September 12, 2006
1)Character from CW series Supernatural. The younger brother of Dean Winchester, Sam has only two expressions: 'smug smile' and 'intense stare into far distance.'

similar in type to Michael Scofield of Prison Break.

2) a self-absorbed hypocrite.

Teenaged girl: I love Supernatural, Sam Winchester is sooo HOT!!

Sensible person: Supernatural is cool but shut up.
by Etta Love September 12, 2006

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