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I word originating for the character Mr. Garison from South Park meaning the same as "Good mother of Michal Jackson!!"
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
When your whacking off (guys) and you reach the end...
OHH!! OHH!! ahh.... I just popped MY top!
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
The same meaning as Normal. Can also mean Dull.
This chick is too normy for me!
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
"True That" has evolved into Tru Dat and Troo Dat... it means the same as right on
Joe: That chick is hot!
Mike: True That...
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
An insult used to make somebody feel gay. Can be substituted for take a hike.
Hey faggot, go stick a fucking dick in your ear!
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
1.) A homosexual Noun meaning "Goof ball"
2.) A reference to a guy who is wearing either short shorts, clown pants, or plaid old man golfing pants.
1.) Mario, be quiet you silly pants!
2.) Wow... look at that guy's silly pants!!
by Etni3s February 15, 2004

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