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A typically angry person who hates you, black people, and basically anyone who isn't himself. Has a strong affinity towards pentagrams. Also known to be straightedge and carry a knife and/or gun. Commonly enjoys brutality, and has an unnatural ability to find random, obscene images using google image search. Especially enjoys finding outstanding examples of African-American culture.

Typical behavior usually includes avoidance of ever doing laundry, wearing clothes that are far too small, and being generally abusive towards anyone and anything. Also rumored to be a sub-par gamer. Can sometimes be seen wearing a grill featuring the Star of David. Behavior strongly influenced by Chingy, Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis, Where Da Gol At, and Nazi Germany.

Musical taste generally includes hardcore, R. Kelly, Kelly Clarkson, Miss Peaches, David Bowie, Hebrew Crunk, and Trick Daddy, among others.

Common catch phrases include the following:
"You don't know me!"
"Yo, I know skunks."
"You're so drunk."
"Fuck you."

Person 1: "Man, what is that guy's problem?"
Person 2: "Don't mind him, it's just Berkeypile."

Marshall: "Hey Berkeypile, what's goin on?"

"Berkeypile was supposed to come over tonight, but he decided to stay home when he heard Jon was going to be here, too."

"Berkeypile is the man."
by Ethnic Cleansing October 16, 2007
A clueless douchebag; an asshole who just can't be taken seriously.

(Correct pronunciation: pooze-cock.)

Mike: "Did you hear Joe talking about how he's making a videoblog to protest the war in Iraq?"
Adam: "Man, that kid is such a puscock."
by Ethnic Cleansing November 01, 2007
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