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A group of talentless women who wanna be hip-hop stars but were formerly dancers in a club...which is where they should have stayed cos it's what they're good at?. Face it, there songs aren't that special and they picked the worst looking one to be the main singer.
Pussycat dolls: "Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"
Guy: "you're not hot, you're just a slutty ex-dancer"
#pussycat dolls #wannabes #fake #talentless #butterz
by Ethers December 08, 2005
Someone that is physically attractive to the eye.
James: whoa, that girl is proper buff!.
Lee: which girl?...oh her? yeah she is proper buff.
#proper buff #proper bangin #buff #buff-ting #lush
by Ethers December 08, 2005
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