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The Internet works on IP Version 4 (IPv4) addressing. It is predicted that sometime late in 2011 that no more IPv4 addresses will be available. No doubt the press will declare the end of the Internet, and that all communications will soon cease. This the the IPOCALYPSE.

Predictions on the demise of the world, the end of the communications, and what companes will be affected will run rampant in the mainstream news. Some people will load up their women, guns and bibles and head to their cabins in Montana.

Of course, engineers have already thought about the solution, with the uber-practical name of IP Version 6, and are just waiting for the business and liberal arts fraternities to wake up and spend some money on the transition instead of smelling their armpits before heading out to an arts festival.
After the ipocalypse the Internet will fail and the entire world will collapse into economic failure.
by Etherealmind May 11, 2009

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