1 definition by EtherealGothica

Unlike what most people think, emo has multiple definitions.
1. Emo is a type of goth, like Victorian/Romantic, Classic, and Rivet Heads. They're just goths with a different view point and taste in fashion.
2. Emo can be a putdown to goths.
3. They can be regualr people that want to be goths. Goth-posers, if you will. These are the ones people normally talk about when they're insulting emos in general.
1. Hmm, I'm depressed and goth, and I like my bangs cut slanted. YAY EMO.
2. *to goth* "You emo pussy!"
3. Preppy rich kid: "I wanna look moody and sensitive."
2nd rich kid: "Yeah, chicks dig sensitive."
by EtherealGothica July 15, 2008

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