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When two pokemon nerds go on a date, or when you avoid social environments to play pokemon.
"hey you going to homecoming?"
"Can't. I got a pokedate that night, My charazard is almost to level 100."
by Ethanyial September 04, 2010
A child or brat whos either A) constantly crying or whining B) being a total cock block or C) just being plain ol' frickin annoying
Dude I was trying to get some from Katy yesterday, but then that little fucking Baby Son of a Bitch of hers woke up, and wouldnt leave us alone.
by Ethanyial August 23, 2010
Hugging someone who is super sweaty, and basically drenches you with their sweat. Its like wearing a snuggie of sweat.
Dude, I hate going out with Landon, he always give me gross swuggies at the end of out dates.
by Ethanyial August 21, 2010
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