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For many, laosh! is thought to be simply a meaningless phrase hollered by hooligans living in Newton, MA during boring high school seminars. But in reality, laosh! stands as one of our nation's most fundamental principles. Commonly defined as "the end of a crest toothpaste tube where the ends get really sharp and are practically a knife," deeper research has shown that laosh! not only means this but also holds the secret to immortality and infinity. Laosh! represents the past, the present, and the forever future. Laosh! is time, it is smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste, all wrapped into one goody bag. Rumor has it the "sixth sense" is actually laosh! as well, but don't tell that to Bruce Willis. Laosh! out bros!
Snoop Dogg: Yo my doo-doo Doc Dre, get at me real quick.
Dre: Is something bothering you my dizzle?
Snoop Dogg: I was just laoshing! at the pool my brotha and your girl she gets in my grill. What is that laosh! my dude?
Dre: I'm a plaosh that ho.
by Ethan The Dude February 04, 2008

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