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An adjective describing a setting or a person's appearance. "Trendy-Ice" refers to people or places that believe they are the coolest ever and simply ahead of the curve. The seemingly hottest fashion trends or styles can be described as "trendy-ice". If the person/place exhibiting them wants everyone else to know that they are too cool for school, then they may be an example of "T-Ice". New York City is where Trendy-Ice happens. Keep an eye out for a tool or a venue near you.
Saturday Night in NYC. Uber-discrete locale. It's $14 beer night. Velvet rope, bouncer with ear piece, dance music bumpin'. Crew rolls in looking like a cross between an Armani runway and a Zoolander runway. Now that's TRENDY-ICE!
by Ethan T-Ice May 27, 2008

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