1 definition by Ethan Stivers

An elaborate point system created by the true sXe kids. Often used to determine who is the most sXe member of a group at any given time. You can get scene points by doing various activities, such as:

1)punching people in the face
2)wearing an Atreyu shirt
3)wearing a leapord print belt
4)wearing girls pants
5)dying your hair black
6)taking the bus/ walking places
7)hanging out at the mall
8)regularly attend concerts
9)only talking to people in bands
10)being sXe (straightedge)
11)being drug free
12)practicing brotherhood
13)taking pictures of yourself from strange angles
14) having a tough face while taking those pictures
15)wearing makeup (preferably eyeshadow)
"Hey GuyZ! Anyone caTch that TasTe of CHAos ToUr! My ScEnePoints Are almosT maXxXed!"

"Lets go do windmills. I'm running low on scenepoints."
by Ethan Stivers June 27, 2005

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