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A celebration of a person(s) graduating from Harvard.

This term was created by a person named Darryl Jones that graduated Harvard.
Jared:Happy Mersday Danny.
Danny:Thank you!
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 19, 2012
A group of seventh grade Asians that hang out in a gang eat raw noodles,and beat up Mexicans.
Darryl Nguyen:Lets beat that Mexican up!
Asian Mafia:YEAH!
-5 minutes later.-
Dante Garcia:-sob- WHAT DID I DO?! -sob-
Asian Mafia:You ain't asian.
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 20, 2012
A term created by a legendary icon named Ralphjos of a game called RumbleFighter which describes the use of a technique called nanmu which basically combo-breaks another user's combo.
SamuraiWay:Almost to my last attack!
-Hezashi does a faux on SamuraiWay.-
SamuraiWay:Oh shit!
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 19, 2012
A fictional boxing style which has the basics of boxing with the essentials of Kungfu,Shidokan,Kobudo,Ninjutsu,and Murekwon implanted into it which creates a furious style.
Don:I know Gintu Boxing.
Group of Skids:Lets get the fuck away from this stud.
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 23, 2012
A day in which anime fans all watch the same exact anime episode of a anime on the same exact site.Most of the time on Sejun Day the anime fans crash the site due to MAJOR traffic!This term was made by Jared Nguyen and Joseph Whang.
-AnimeJunk.com crashes due to huge traffic!-
Senjun Day People:Sucess.
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 20, 2012
The MTM 8, also known as the Loader, is a robotic loader used in the Black Mesa Research Facility to handle crates and other objects, as well as other tasks.
Doctor Methers:I programmed that MTM 8.
Nigel the Builder:I built it.
Doctor Freeman:I saw it.
by Ethan Hong Long Nguyen September 22, 2012
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