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1 definition by Etece

Operation Mindfuck - Golden Apple Seed Mission

Operation Mindfuck is an age old Discordian mission to spread Chaos and Discord in the name of our Goddess Eris, in an attempt to bring some light to our monotonous ordered world and revoke the curse of Greyface. And simply for the LULZ ofcourse...

As part of the new Golden Apple Seed Missions this becomes the OMGASM, the great leaderless mission to save the population from themselves.

Other GASM's (Often considered to be part of the greater OMGASM) are:

A typical OMGASM (of which there are none) would be the application of a suitable meme bomb to any currently unused wall space in a public area...

e.g. You have 30 seconds to forget this message.
by Etece February 28, 2008