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1 definition by Etarah

a person, persons, or groups of people that are ignorant and follow the dystopia of the masses (aka, the in crowd).
In the words of my homeslice, O'Dawg:

"In the Matrix trilogy, All agent were dudes & wore suits. In reality...agents males & females wear & are the following ....


White Tees, Blue Jean, dreadlocks, goodteeth, trapboys, crappy rappers,drive chevys, & are unfit baby daddies.


Colorful dresses with sneakers, fluffy He-Man boots, bunny slippers (wears them in the public)

wear revealing clothes that show off their "bootydo", are usually babymamas, & only want to be nurses &/or do hair..

They both live to be ignorant & love all that is ignorant. Crunk music, Trap music,etc. They refuse to like anything that makes them think like Hip Hop & Education. They only live for the moment & curse around elders & talk loud on the bus or in public places. They go to public places & put their phones on speaker Like We Wanna Hear Their Convo!

They only listen to the radio all day & only buy mixtapes with the same 12 songs. Oh yea...plus they watch BET all day.

Most have kids & let them be babysat by the TV. The females pop gum or their tongues when they talk & the males talk like they have cotton mouth.....

As far as relationships. Males only want a female to hit & are scared to commit because of their want of "Living for the moment". & the females only want a "Trill azz negga"...aka a thug....someone who will be dependant of them & their walfare checks."
by Etarah July 31, 2006