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(n) 1. The progressive loss of higher mental functions, and eventually motor skills, due to overuse of one's love muscle for thinking with.

A highly infectious condition spread by exposure to hot chicks, who are asymptomatic carriers of the disease.
Bob: As I was saying, infection of the lymphatic vessels may cause thickening of the skin and enlargement of underlying tissu... WOAH, BOOBIES!!1! .... Huh?

Bill: Oh noes. Another innocent, struck down in his prime by rampant penility. Where will it ever stop??
by Et tu, Spongebob? July 06, 2011
Random hand gestures and arm movements that affect epileptics, or some people with brain damage. Laughing is cruel, wrong and oh so hard to resist...
The involuntary spasticulation of the spaz caused a spasm of guilty mirth.
by Et tu, Spongebob? November 08, 2007
One who wears a hat on his ass, in case it gets cold up there on top of his shoulders. An idiot.
You, sir, will hardly hear yourself fart with such a thick wooly asshat on. Pray indulge in a little flashage.
by Et tu, Spongebob? February 26, 2007
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