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3 definitions by Esuohlim

A Ball Park hot dog cooked to plumpness encased in a Hostess Twinkie Snack Cake and topped with Cheez Whiz Brand cheese spread.
I was feeling a bit hungry, so I made myself a delicious and satisfying Twinkie Wiener Sandwich to sooth my growling stomach.
by Esuohlim October 31, 2003
41 19
An individual who feels that he is the toughest guy around (either in reality or on the Internet). These people usually walk with their arms sustained straight down and three feet from their torso.
Look at the guy. I bet his driver's liscence says "Buff McMuscles" or something.
by Esuohlim November 18, 2003
12 4
A person who goes by the name of "Schimid" usually asks you to put his name into UrbanDictionary.com
Schimid told me to put his name here
by Esuohlim November 19, 2003
2 2