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An expression of mild surprise or shock from '60s-'70s. Popularized by cartoon character Velma of the '70s children's show Scooby-Doo. Rarely used today, except in an ironic fashion. A very wholesome word.

"Jeepers! You sure surprised me!" Claire exclaimed, then laughed along with her friends at the silly anachronism.
by Estoy En Su Punta January 23, 2006
A cheap make-up brand that can be found in the back of every drugstore cosmetics aisle and all Limited Too stores. One of the first companies to market make-up to preteens and teenagers (though most teenage girls in the know consider it not to be "real" cosmetics) by utilizing bright packaging and tasty flavors. Their Lip Smackers lip balm was the first of its kind in 1973, and was the ubiquitous accessory of the day, hung on its nylon lariat around the necks of teenybopper girls across America.
"I would be a great class president because I promise to put two new pop machines in the cafeteria, and I'm also gonna get a glitter Bonnebell dispenser for all the girls' bathrooms."
--Summer from Napoleon Dynamite
by Estoy En Su Punta January 23, 2006
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