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This is an online game played by hundreds of thousands of people. It may not be as huge as World of Warcraft but it is a lot more mature. Shame that the GMs let down the game as they are exceptionally dumb and nooby. Even more so than the GMs on WoW. They have no CS service skills unlike the ARKs and are quite rude to the players. There are some nice ones, but not many.

The ARKs who run the CS are in the main part good, BUT their directors are pretty power hungry, and kick ARKs for very little. Would love to see an ingame event whereby the GMs and Directors were strung up and hung from the notum trees, and then deleted. Long live the Greeter.

Anarchy Online is soon going to have a new expansion called Lost Eden, but will it ever arrive and even if it does make an appearance will it boost the sales of AO? I doubt it as people want fantasy genre
Anarchy Online is an MMorpg but the GMs suck
by Esther Hardwick October 24, 2006
A Game Master or in Anarchy Online, a Genetic Manipulator which sounds gay.

Basically this being is rude, nasty and avoided at all costs. They think they know how to play the game but they have no idea at all, in fact some, especially in Anarchy Online are only learning how to be rude and totally lame there, before they move to the next Funcom failure, Age of Conan.

player:'Oh god I need to petition as I've lost a backpack'
GM: 'fuck off'

player: 'I'm being harrassed help me please'
GM 16hours later : 'fuck off bullied noob'

Player: ' Can you tell me how to trade as I am really new and I want to know more about Anarchy Online?'
GM: 'fuck off you total noob'
by Esther Hardwick October 24, 2006
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