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Complimenting a woman verbally on something innocent first, but then commenting on her body in your mind. Compliment her, then think about her rack, for example...
"Oh Aoife, I love your top!"
('Because it makes your tits look awesome')

or to your male friends:

"Jeez, did you see Aoife's slutty top!? I totally mister-complimented her!"
by Essy-k April 25, 2008
When you get a text from a hot girl, and it could be percieved as being a slutty text, your first reaction (being sexual) is a pre-text! You then reply in a normal way, BUT it has to be similar to the pre-text so you can laugh about it!

For Example:
Text recieved: "Mm, I'm having an ice cream, you jealous!?"

Pre-text: "Only if it's melting onto your nipples..."

Actual response: "Only if it's Ben & Jerry's!"
by Essy-k April 25, 2008

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