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Taking a crap; usually affiliated with a smell so bad that it scares people away from the bathroom
"Dude, why did you call me into the bathroom? There are girls outside wanting to hang out with us and you're dropping wolf bait!"
by Essex Grub May 27, 2005
1. The act of pleasuring yourself. 2. Masturbating
"Where did Mike go with that porn magazine?"
"Oh, he's in the other room selfing"
by Essex Grub May 13, 2005
1. One who is Jonesing in a particular situation 2. A situation or event that is spoiled, boring, or stupid
1a. John had trouble paying his bills last month so He skipped a few of them. He was a boot lipper. 1b. John was boot lipping last month
2. We went to the baseball game last week and it rained. It was a tremendous boot lip.
by Essex Grub December 29, 2004
A noticeable object or piece of food caught in your teeth. It's usually very apparent when you smile. It is usually easily removed with a fingernail or swish of water.
After dinner, I looked at my girlfriend and smiled. She looked at me funny and then pointed to her tooth and said:
"You have a tut"
by Essex Grub December 27, 2004
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