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lawl its like ppl who hav long hair n wear ripped jeans n r depressed n stuffz lawl oh yea and they listen 2 nirvana n dress like kurt cobain yeah they like this and they dress like that lawl
But seriously...
Anyone can have long hair, everyone wears fucking ripped jeans and everyone gets depressed sometimes. What someone wears, looks like and how they act has NOTHING to do with what kind of music they listen to. There's no fucking dress code for liking a certain form of music; there are no rules and or requirements. Grunge is a genre of music, and that is all.
kid who labels themself a 'grunger':"i just bought a flannel shirt, some ripped jeans and a nirvana CD yay ima grunger"
by Esporc December 20, 2006
People who are around the ages of 11-16 and think they are "special", "unique" and "different" because they listen to mcr. They are nothing more then mindless sheeps. Having their music spoon-fed to them by the media(i.e. MTV/Fuse/radio). And they like to claim "OMUHGAWD MCR SAEVDED MI LYFE".
­my chemical romance fans
fan1:"wow mcr is lyk the most talent'd band lyk evr thur songs r lyk real deep n meeningful"
­fan2:"lyk i know d00d they lyk saved my lyfe n stuffz"
by Esporc December 20, 2006

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