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A romantic pairing (whether it be from a video game, movie, book, etc) that is completely implausible and/or bizarre, but people support it anyway, for laughs or otherwise.
Barret x Red XIII is a crack pairing.
by Espiria June 10, 2006
A fictional item. The term is sometimes used humorously on message boards when a user has just posted something (usually controversial) that runs the risk of instigating an argument/backlash, i.e. being flamed.

The purpose of the shield is therefore to 'protect' the person from any potential flames that may fly their way.
Person A: Lol final fantasy x sucks
Person B: ...I hope you brought your flame shield.

Person C: I honestly don't see why so many people like (insert popular game). IMO it has a tedious battle system, the difficulty is too easy, and the story is as clichéd as hell. Discuss. *holds up flame shield*
by Espiria June 10, 2006
British slang.

The art of putting a dampener on someones moment of glory/celebration.

Interchangeable with the phrase "You rained on my parade."
Person A: I got 3As in my exams! Awesome!
Person B: I got 7As.
Person A: Way to piss on my bonfire, bastard.
by Espiria June 13, 2006
British slang.

Means "Thank you very much."
Person A: Here's your drink.
Person B: Ta muchly.
by Espiria June 13, 2006
See sarcasmometer.

Ones ability to detect sarcastic undertones in a conversation.

The principle of a detector can also be applied to gender and sexuality.
Person 1: Do you like this Cowboy Hat? I think it looks good on me.
Person 2: Yeah, you look -real- cool.
Person 1: Thanks!
Person 2: ...I think your sarcasm detector is broken.
by Espiria June 10, 2006
1. An important English charter.

2. A series of Korean video games, the second being published in the US by Atlus in 2005. Known for its confusing gender boundaries and terrible voice acting.
"Magna Carta tricked me. I thought Calintz was hot until she started talking in that husky voice. Trap ftl. :("

"Uh, Eonis, why do you have water balloons stuffed down your top?"
by Espiria June 10, 2006
See muff diver.

One who performs oral sex on their partner (usually female). Pubic hair provides ample 'forest'.
Person 1: So let me get this straight, Amy and Katie did -what- last night?
Person 2: Well, let's just say that Amy's skills as a forest ranger have improved ten-fold.
by Espiria June 10, 2006
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