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2 definitions by Espeon

No , Eevee is not a Fox Pokémon

Vulpix is a fox Pokémon. Eevee's genetic is unstable

so it takes base on a lot of Animals.

Eevee is not a puppy , it is a kitten mixed with a rabbit.
Before you say it IS a fox , it has only one fox like thing.

Eevee has feline characteristics with SOME dog characteristics.

Nintendo even confirmed it they're selves.

They said Eevee was a cat mixed with little rabbit(ears) and dog-like stuff.

Eevee also can evolve into

Vaporeon , Jolteon , Flareon , Espeon , Umbreon , Leafeon and Glaceon.
Pokémon Pearl:

A Wild EEVEE appeared!
by Espeon January 19, 2010
Umbreon is based on a black cat (BAD Luck) meaning its a dark type. It's not a fox because It has no traits of a fox.

People are blinded by it. Ihni why lol.

also Nintendo confirmed them to be felines (Espeon and umbreon) in Nintendo Power in 2002.
Umbreon is a Moon Pokemon and evolves from Eevee
happiness in the night time.
It is toxic.
by Espeon January 19, 2010