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Something a person "goes on" when they exert all their possible power (usually confined to forum moderation) to control people's behaviour, or to force others to listen to ranty monologues.
That moderator just kicked me off the list because I disagreed with her, then posted a rant about me with the comments turned off! Crazy woman is on some sorta power-trip.
by Eskoala March 22, 2011
Relating to someone who runs his section of team-building sessions in an authoritarian manner.

Minus-Mike, /n/ A man who, drunk with power, deducts points from teams for trivialities such as talking, not talking, trying to solve the problem by any means, or breathing. /v/ Minus-Mike - to deduct points in the manner of Minus-Mike. Past tense: Minus-Miked.
"Our team were doing really well until we tried to defuse the bomb and got Minus-Miked!"

"C'mon, don't be a Minus-Mike, give us some points for effort!"
by Eskoala November 01, 2011
To get used to a time zone after travel. To get over jet lag. To acclimatize to a time zone (rather than a climate or situation).
Anne: "I can't go out tonight, I'm knackered - I still haven't attimetized!"

Bob: "Yeah, it takes a while to attimetize from as far away as the UK, doesn't it?"
by Eskoala January 25, 2012

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