17 definitions by Esjay

A woman with little in front but plenty of booty in back
My friend Gina is a kangaroo,she doesn't have much for titties but her ass more than makes up for it
by esjay November 27, 2004
a perfect city if you're a tourist, but if you live here,living anywhere south of Market Street is like living in a micro version of L.A. neighborhoods like China town and Mexiville scream English only laws. Castro screams get a girlfriend, dudes.
the ratio of girls to guys in San Francisco is 1 to 5,good God!
by esjay December 16, 2004
1.the poop capital of the United States,most toilets per capita in the US.
2.that stuff when you wipe your ass after you take a dump
Skyline Chili leaves a lot of Cincinnati to clean out of my butthole.
by Esjay December 13, 2004

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