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1.the dad from Full House,known for being a total nimrod
2.A total nimrod
Danny Tanner was TV's greatest nimrod.
by esjay December 21, 2004
1.A part of town where Mexicans and or hispanics live 2.a Spanish speaking area aka barrio3.The Mission District in San Francisco
X:I want to get some cheap pottery
Y:your best bet is in Mexiville
by Esjay August 22, 2004
When all goes to shit at the wrong time
My plan went kapoopy after that hot girl shut me down at the mall. Man that sucks!
by Esjay May 06, 2005
1.Someone who is hard to distinguish between man or woman 2.an hermaphrodite
Pat on SNL is mascunine because you don't know whether or not he/she is male or female
by Esjay September 15, 2004
the greatest food in the world
I'd sure like some salmon croquettes with hot sauce
by Esjay April 29, 2005
a slang term for BART police especially when they're male and female walking together
Dog,you better put that spraycan away because Homer and Marge are right there
by esjay December 16, 2004
The next big thing to hit the Bay Area. A talented rapper whose lyrics complement his beats,raps with Lynch Loccale in a crew called the Blockwildaz. Has 2 albums,West Coast Thunda and his current Journal of a Blockwilda.
One day,Sandavol will be mentioned in the same breath as E-40,Too $hort and Yukmouth in puttin it down for the Bay
by Esjay July 09, 2005
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