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They are 3 types

1. Mafiosi- synonymous with Sicilian culture, they do organized crime mostly extortion, gambling, narcotics, contract killing, prostitution etc.

2. The Hood Gangster_ synonymous with African- American culture depicted mostly in hip hop to immitate gangs like Crips and Bloods who do beef killings and territory feuds.

3. Bikeys - synonymous with gangs of bearded whites with bandannas tied on their heads. they move on motor bikes in large packs of around 30 & more thinkin they can intimidate everyone. see Hell's Angels
1. I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.

2. yo this cat thinks he cool i'm gon put a slug through his cap.

3. wat u gonna do to us smart guy. think you can take us all gangster??
by Escobar123 December 31, 2009
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