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when a man calls 'dibs' on a woman, the undib is used to undo the dib when a better offer comes along or new information on said woman comes to light
"yo dude, you see that dime over there? i completely undib Kelly for her"


"hey man, you might want to undib that girl, bro. Turns out she's your first cousin"
by Eschenbach and Puchley March 30, 2008
At a certain point past midnight, after not sleeping for a long time, your brain feels like it has turned to mush and nothing is easily comprehended. Your friends can not make fun of you for the stupid things you say once Doo Doo hour has started.
"What's two plus two?"
"Uhh, Six?"
"What the fuck man, it's four."
"pause oh shit, you're right. It's Doo Doo Hour."
by Eschenbach and Puchley April 02, 2008

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