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A small disgusting place in Central New York next to Lake Ontario. Full of pedophiles and perverts. Has a slum house on EVERY block. Oswego has 3 separate social castes; the natives, the nukes (those from elsewhere who work outages at the 3 nuclear power plants) and the "college people" (those from elsewhere who go to or teach at Oswego State College). Native caste includes slugs, dirtbags, Satan worshiping assholes and the goombas. Run by known criminals most of whom are goombas. Natives tend to use the words: boughten, tooken, melk (translation: milk), make-ya (who knows, it's suppose to be something in goomba possibly mingya) and wicked, in conversation. Natives also known as woodchucks and exhibit very high incidents of mental health illness. The other castes tend to avoid natives at all costs and stick to themselves. Climate is gray, dank, rainy, snowy and all around shitty.
That woodchuck from Oswego had boughten sour melk at Walmart, could've tooken it back, but it was snowing too wicked much to go. Make-ya!
by Escapee123 November 12, 2006
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