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3 definitions by Eryn

Longwood.....the school for those of us that don't care enough about football to go to Tech, aren't stuck up enough to go to UVA, won't spend the 200 hours a week of studying needed to go to William and Mary, aren't gangster enough for ODU, aren't quite slutty enough for Radford and are too lazy to leave the state.

borrowed from a fellow Longwood student who borrowed it from someone else :-D
You went to Longwood?
Yes, I hate to study...
by Eryn November 05, 2004
304 91
a short blonde ho who puts out and has to put other people down and do anything to get attention.
"look at that short short girl on the street corner! she's very blonde and she has a bubble butt...what a fos ho"
by Eryn July 22, 2004
5 2
Bew is a random word. It means anything. It is used to show anger, frustration, surprise or a random action.
Bew! = (I cant believe you said that!)
by Eryn May 25, 2004
29 29