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Alberta. No rats. Well, most of the time. Cold for 8-10 months and either scorching hot or not quite hot enough for the rest. Snow in June and 20+ in February sometimes. Hail and mini tornadoes blow across the lands at least once or twice per year, and chinook winds make you feel like spring is coming when really you have about two months left. This is where Groundhog Day is rarely accurate and trucks rule the roads. Oil is a big industry but really, there's a lot more to it than just cold, oil and plains. The Rockies open the opportunity of skiing and snowboarding practically in your backyard, and 80% of small town raised boys are in Minor hockey. City folks pretend to be small town rednecks but really they don't know a thing about it. The stampede is annual no matter what (hell or high water). Edmonton oilers and Calgary flames, they hate each other but it's okay because despite it everything, deep down everyone knows they both suck. A great province with some major flaws but the local crowd are proud to be Albertan.
Alberta, too many words to describe this place.
by Erry bear September 04, 2013
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