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"Just the tip"... but in the butt.
I've always wanted to try anal. Can we start with a semicolon, you know, to see how it feels?
by Erog May 11, 2013
A word used to describe, point out, or signify a somewhat slanted-eyed, black-haired, choded chinese person, or anyone of the Asian descent.

A code word for Chinese people, letting the ones around you (who know the word "wasemala") know they are creeping around, bumping into you, not saying excuse me, sometimes farting in TJMAXX, and possibly reading your minds. Thankfully, the Chinese are NOT aware of the word "Wasemala/e."....YET.
"Look at that Wasemale/Wasemala!"

"Wasemala baby!"

"That's a busted Wasemale family!"

"That person just got into a car accident.." "Oh look, it's a Wasemale."


TRUE STORY: a chinese person got into a car accident in the snow..my uncle a cop asked what happened, and the chinese person said:

"I don't understand; I PUSHED THE SNOW BUTTON!!" ..AKA..the air conditioning button that has a snowflake on it. HAHA
by erog May 01, 2009

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