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3 definitions by Erockizzle

awesome way of sayin faggg
dude stop being a fagloon and grab me a brewski
by Erockizzle March 30, 2007
The motha fu**ing va jay jay. Another word for poonani...
Man our town is beat, i need to get some damn poonyan bro!
by Erockizzle April 20, 2008
He was a psychotic asian kid, 23 years old, from Asia, who killed 32 INNOCENT people in april of 2007. He was psychologically inbalanced and a pure pyscho. He will rot in the hottest and darkest place in HELL. This was the worse school shooting in American History..SIck Bastard
Yo wanna go piss on Cho Seung Hui's grave that fucking bastard!?
by Erockizzle April 19, 2007