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verb. When you take a long hard shit, freeze it, shove it into your girlfriend's vagina while she is on her period, remove it, ejaculate on it, then freeze it again. Remove this period blood cum covered shit from the freezer and serve it for dinner to your in-laws at the next holiday dinner, preferably Christmas dinner.
I don't think I left a good impression on my girlfriends parents when I did the Whomping Melvin
by Erock182 August 05, 2009
This is when you take a long shit and roll it into a donut shape and cum on the top of it. You the freeze this donut shaped, cum covered shit to make the cum into a glaze consistency. After this is ready, remove the shit from the freezer then finger your girlfriend, wife, or depending on the state, your sister, while she is on her period, then flick your fingers over the donut to give the donut the appearance of sprinkles. When this is done, serve it at the next family dinner to the in-laws.
Wow this frosted donut tastes really unique. What's in it?
by Erock182 April 16, 2009
When a group of not-so-happy individuals get together and drink poison and Kool-Aid, all while watching their partymates slit eachothers' wrists with broken glass shards. Usually participants bring their own form of death, BYOD, but the host of the party will usually provide assorted means of self-mutilation. Actual suicide is optional, attemps are manditory.
Hey I am throwing my annual Suicide Party, you should really come and join us. Remember it is BYOD
by Erock182 October 25, 2008

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