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3 definitions by Erobica

When a girl has a camel toe so tight when she walks it looks like her vagina is talking
Phil: Yo man did you see her camel toe?

Joe: Yea I know? it looked like it was talking she had a huge camel sqwak.
by Erobica June 15, 2010
When a girl is standing still and her vagina is still moving (even if there is no wind)
Jason: does she have a flag in her pants?

Mason: No that's her camal swag
by erobica August 16, 2010
When a man puts his testicles on a girl's eyes so she can't see, she the proceeds to give the man a hand job and try's to call out where the semen will land.
Tom: Dude she blind fired me last night.

Paul: No way? where did she call it?

Tom: Right arm of the sofa, she was right.
by Erobica June 16, 2010