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the hottest piece of ass at Holy Child...every guy wants her but only i have her...she's my bitch to the max and gives great...well you know, especially when she's drunk hahaha my little blunt whore i love you and won't leave you until a hotter piece of ass comes along (which...doesn't exist)
hotguy1: damn who's that hot drunk over there
hotguy2:that has to be gena cause no one else looks that sexy drunk
hotguy1: damn lets gang bang her
hotguy2: too bad her man is a sexy piece of arse that can beat both of us to the ground
by Ernie March 12, 2005
a drink that can kill you, made from a girl,made with water,cat piss,herbs,and williams secret recipe,stinky dog breathe
i drank orchata at williams,it tasted like cat piss
by ernie August 21, 2004
From the latin "Hainais" meaning Haina. A Cheap as hoe or a guy whom you dislike. Hainas are putas.
Ricky is a Stanford Student. Ricky is a Haina...
by ernie December 02, 2004
A fat stupid pollack who loves to suck on his moms titskes. Ussually bi-polar and with quite an overdeveloped taste for man-juice.
Hey looks at that mule sucking that guys dick, its name is probably Lugs. hahahaha
by Ernie May 04, 2003
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