18 definitions by Ernie

What your mates sister leaves on your shelf after you've serviced her!
Wow, look at those footprints on your shelf.... Yeah we'd better not tell your brother
by Ernie July 29, 2004
The Party is a completely and utterly sexified version of the average Dan.
My word! The Party is looking hella sexified!
by Ernie May 29, 2004
1. An idiot.
2. A person who posts the same message twice.
Nick you Muppet!
by Ernie August 27, 2003
smoke who steals and smokes bum cigars
by ernie October 21, 2003
Ernie, Lord Of All He Knows. He Created A Solar System, With The Main Planet Called Dead World.
Godd Rules 4Eva, All Hail Lord Ernie
by Ernie December 14, 2004
A mad individual who can cause pain to himself and not give a damn. the spawn of god and satan.

Will act as below:
Runs around fields on cold night, in only his underwear, smoking and screaming "I rape chickens". sleep talks about foursoms, chickens, wanting sausages, and aaarrghffejwfbisduf!!
by Ernie October 15, 2004
Lolo means masturbation in a local dialect in Philippines.
Jake lolo everyday.
by ernie May 14, 2004

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