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Australian slang term. Used in light hearted manner conveying humour at seriousness of subject under discussion. The more humour Australians use in speech is indicator of seriousness involved.
Q: Has the flood destroyed your farm and all the crops?
A; Bloody Oath, we'll have to start from scratch.
by ErnMalleyscrub April 17, 2011
Slang term with varied uses, and different meanings depending on context. Used extensively in Australia as 1:mild surprise 2:angry shock 3:mild amusement at common trouble 4:general colourful phrase added to emphasise importance of comment
1: Bloody hell, that was a good try/rally/point. (sport)
2: Bloody hell, why did you drive drunk and crash the car?
3:Bloody hell, that woman shouldn't wear tights in public.
4:Where the bloody hell are all the tourists Oprah was meant to bring us here in Oz? Are they scared off by our flaming lingo?
by ErnMalleyscrub April 16, 2011
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