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A tactical manuver, used while getting hammered, that involves sending down more drinks to report on or asses the progress of previous ones. Popularized by Zaphod Beeblebrox
"Hey, maybe I gotta send down a couple more drinks. You know, to see what the first few are doing."

"Dude, beeblebrox's gambit only makes sense when you're ALREADY hammered. I think you've had enough"
by Erl137 December 07, 2006
Inventing a fictional woman for the purpose of having the fun of humiliating her, as a lark.
The Humiliation of the Uppity Woman scene in Tribulation Force is such Complementarian bukkake
by Erl137 April 10, 2009
A girl who appears barsexual, but, on closer inspection, actually prefers (or at least feels genuine desire for) women--using the social niche of the barsexual to avoid copping to their orientation.
A: Dude, did you see those chicks making out? Hawt!
B: Yeah, I know. But you got no chance. They're reverse barsexual.
by Erl137 April 04, 2010
noun. A person, presumably male, who prematurely ejaculates, or the act of that premature ejaculation.
Lady of the Night 1: Man I had such high hopes for him, but he was a total dickfizzle.
Lady of the Night 2: *does coke instead of listening*
by Erl137 January 20, 2010

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