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The heart of New England.INhabited by all kinds...Due to the the styles of the historicle old european housing is typicle to meet Vampires of older generations.

City life more plentiful then beaches a great all around place none the less. Though the Inbread population is slightly higher than lots of other urban areas the people are of a wide assortment more Spanish than African decendents.

This state is a cross between European establishment and Irish Government well centered and highly political theres no wonder why the winters can be cold and very long.

Known for skiing and dieing leaves(foliage)its a great tourist atraction and a PERFECT place to purchase and sell real real estate.

High in the mountains building space highly marketable due to views a 5% rural increase in Medium North to Northern New Hampshire whould no doubt domino effect the state.

Presently lacking factory work due to china jobs aren't as abundent as in the past.

New Hampshire....Perfect for everyone!

Center of the Machine.


by Eriw October 27, 2007

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