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1 definition by Erinthia

A catholic school (though often not apparent) located in historic downtown Annapolis, home of the legendary Saints. Also home to many boozers, stoners, smokers, dippers, and lax players. Considered poor because of low tuition and crappy rented public playing fields it is full of many rich preps that let you know they are rich preps. Known mostly for champion lax teams, men’s and women’s, it also has strong soccer, cross country, and wrestling teams. It is full of some of the most spirited and crazy fans known to start tailgating the day before a game (any game) starts and end several days after (win or loss). The Saints' archrival is the even richer and snottier Severn school. A school full of worthless trust fund babies who have a snowball's chance in hell in beating the Saints in anything. St. Mary's has many drawbacks but is ultimately the best school in the Balto-Annapolis area sending a national record of students to US Service Academies and D1 schools per capita (8 to service academies ('04) and the entire women's lax team, among others, in '05 out of a class of around 140 students). Often imitated rarely duplicated, the real Harvard on the Severn.
Who is that lax chick over there drinking her weight? Oh her, she goes to St. Mary's Annapolis
by Erinthia June 13, 2006