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1. An individual from the continent of the americas

2. A term of nationality for a United States citizen, a nation who's population approximates 70% of western europe. Certain states within said nation are larger and more densly populated than many countries within Western Europe, which makes travel within and particularly outside of the nation monetarily prohibative for approximately 50% of the population. For that percentage, governmental working standards do not provide paid holiday remotely simiar to world standards (10 days per year.) These conditions prohibit experience outside of a limited sphere and therefore perpetuate ignorance and indifference. This results in the unfortunate election and re-election of a system who maintains these standards in the name of 'patriotism' and 'freedom;' whilst never really providing either iconic ideal. This group maintains psychological function by instituting self-protecting biases of uniqueness and self importance to maintain integrity, and anything that threatens it is fiercly defended against, furthering the vicious circle. Perhaps after witnessing certain evidential and undeniable mistakes of their chosen system of rule, the population will over time begin to realize that the government is providing more regulations than freedoms and will moderate their opinions accordingly. With the passage of time, perhaps these citizens can accept, and be accepted to a place among the world's great nations, rather than claiming their right as the 'best.'
I am an american (from the south, no less) and I'm proud of my diverse and world aware 50%. I don't believe the US is the best country in the world, however, I don't believe the rest of the world has the right to take the piss on 'americans' for choices half of us didn't make and don't agree with, especially when their understanding is limited and often misinformed.
by Erin82 November 29, 2005

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