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totally awesome girl
who rocks everybody elses shoes
wears converse, jeans, hoodies and or polo t-shirts
is a tomboy
plays video games
may possibly play an instrument, preferrably drums
lovable, caring, kind and true to her friends
humorous, witty, often makes crappy but good jokes
dorky and nerdish, but lovable
a lover of books
nice body, but not overly athletic
kind of a wimp
she is beautiful inside and out
Yeah, that katelyn is so freaking cool!

Oh, you wish you were as cool as a katelyn!

Dang, what did you do last night, playing videogames nonstop?? You're such a katelyn!!

Wow, look at how many books she's reading, she can be such a katelyn.

That drummer in your band can be a real katelyn.
by Erin Finn July 18, 2009

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